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The Thomas Crown Affair

BOX OFFICE NEWS.(celebrities Rene Russo's, Pierce Brosnan's top-grossing films)
Issue: August 9, 1999
Sparks fly between Rene Russo and Pierce Brosnan in John McTiernan's updating of "The Thomas Crown Affair," which bowed domestically Aug. 6. Looking ahead, Brosnan returns as James Bond in "The World Is Not Enough" on Nov. 19 and Russo is slated for "The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle" next summer. Top-grossing screen appearances for each performer are listed below.
Pierce Brosnan

                            (Domestic B.O.
                           in millions of $)

Mrs. Doubtfire                  $219.2
Fox 11/24/93

Tomorrow Never Dies              125.2
MGM/UA 12/19/97

Goldeneye                        106.1
MGM/UA 11/17/95

Dante's Peak                      67.1
U 2/7/97

The Mirror Has Two Faces          41.1
Sony 11/15/96

Rene Russo

Lethal Weapon 3                 $144.7
WB 5/15/92

Ransom                           136.5
BV 11/8/96

Lethal Weapon 4                  129.8
WB 7/10/98

In the Line of Fire              102.2
Sony 7/9/93

Get Shorty                        72.1
MGM/UA 10/20/95